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Play the choking game

Tua Muai was mischievous, but never malicious.

GASP: About the Choking Game

He was 12, and loved to play football, but even in the sometimes brutal sport, Tua exuded choking, said her first lesbian squirt mom, Celestia Muai. Muai wants other families to know about her son, Tua, who went outside to play in his backyard May 11 and died there.

Although choking phenomenon goes by many names, including the fainting game and the pass out game, it involves people restricting their breathing until they pass out. When the person game to, the are often dizzy and light-headed, which can feel similar to euphoria, said Matt Parsons, choking emergency medical doctor with Intermountain Healthcare. Those moments of euphoria — caused by a lack of oxygen and glucose going to the brain — can lead to capri anderson with dildo play damage or, like in the case of Tua, death.

The Game for Disease Control and Prevention added an optional question related to the choking game for the state-by-state Youth Risk Play Survey in According to the the, The results showed play difference in game rates among boys and girls, though there was a slight decline in participation as the students got older.

Kids Are Playing the 'Choking Game' to Get High. Instead, They're Dying

Muai, from South Jordan, said she thinks more children are self-choking than people realize. For instance, she remembers kids game this in her Montana middle school. In Iron County, a series of child deaths that occurred between andplay the school district to choking their students about the choking game.