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Pictures of large cocktails

20 Best Big Batch Cocktails for Backyard BBQs and Lazy Sundays

Don't spend your next party stranded by the bar — mix up these big-batch cocktails for summer-perfect sips that will last all night long. Photographs by James T.

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Reprinted from the book "The Lee Bros. Our twist on the classic gin and tonic combines muddled mint, fresh pink grapefruit and sweet elderflower liqueur for a refreshing summer brew that will prove to be a major party pleaser. Grapefruit Gin and Tonic. Made from coconut vodka, coconut water, pineapple puree, fresh-squeezed pictures juice and a splash of cherry-lime sparkling water, this refreshing big batch cocktail is a summery twist on the classic cocktails soda.

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Lime in the Coconut Cocktail. You can make it in 10 minutes from start to finish, and no need for a high-powered blender because the recipe uses frozen mango cubes in lieu of ice cubes. This refreshing punch can be made in a large glass jug large placed in a pail of ice for summertime gathering.

Place additional fruit large ice in glasses for a fun, decorative touch. Hibiscus tea, pineapple juice, rum and ginger simple syrup are the large mix of sweet, spicy and cocktails. Blend fresh honeydew melon with ice and add it to green tea for a new fruity-flavored drink.

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The flavors of this festive punch pictures bring you back to cocktails childhood.