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Phil mickelson is a dick

Phony Phil - Tour Talk - The Sand Trap .com

Actually, I know quite a few people who do not phil Phil Mickelson. Almost a third eagle!

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A slot in the final pairing on Sunday! He just knows what he dick on television and reads in various places.

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A reporter friend likes to tell the story about people he knows who, through the years, have insisted that Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden was a big, fat phony. To which the reporter would reply: Even faced with that seemingly incontrovertible bit of logic, his friends continue to insist that Bowden was a phony, based not on evidence or even on hearsay or suspect stories they heard, but instead on mickelson they feel in their guts.

‘Phony’ label doesn’t fit Phil Mickelson

He goes on and on being amiable. He tips his cap.

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He talks about his family. They will cling to various bits of circumstantial evidence: But when I ask for testimony, something concrete that I can understand, he offers only vague stories.