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Patti davis nude photos

By Rachel Quigley Updated: The often controversial and liberal daughter of former President Ronald Reagan has appeared in More magazine in order to celebrate having a body that she is happy with and one which took so long nude achieve and accept.

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Her body is a temple: Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan, poses nude for More magazine at 58 years old. Addicted to drugs since she was 15, she said at one time her 'body was nude, muscles thin and barely visible'.

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When she finally quit drugs in her late twenties she said she 'grabbed patti some rope in her heart that davis didn't even know was there' and resolved to get back into shape and health. Patti, centre, davis not speak to her famous family for years but reconciled with them towards the photos of her father's life as he battled with Alzheimers japanese young naked. Speaking to the magazine she said: And no more pink leg warmers.

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Ironically, one of patti first things that greeted her when she walked into the gym photos a nude image of bodybuilder Lisa Lyon.