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Parental control lesbian episode

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Mom and dad loves having their creative, smart and kind son, Anthony around.

"Parental Control" Episode # (TV Episode ) - Plot Summary - IMDb

Unfortunately, they wished his choice of women disappeared, eight months ago. They parental his girlfriend, Mabel is nothing more than a dumb, and annoying person who you tube monkey pussy a distraction to his future. They agree that she has to go annoy someone else and sets him up with Brittany and Hanna Beth.

They hope their picks can distract him long enough lesbian make him realize that Mabel is a waste of space and not worth the time and effort to keep around.

So my buddy and I were watching the show "Parental Control" the other day...

Dad's pick is Brittany and she parental him to the junkyard to sled on a bed which is followed by destroying stuff and control. He explains to her why his parents think that his girlfriend control find someone else to annoy because they had it up to hear with her.

Mom's pick is a spontaneous girl named Hanna Beth, and she takes him to board a tour bus and tour across LA and Hollywood. This is followed by a picnic as she gives him a memory book.

So my buddy and I were watching the show "Parental Control" the other day | IGN Boards

He explains why his parents wants his girlfriend gone for good. Mabel is unimpressed as she tells his parents that when Anthony picks her, she'd lesbian with them through out maternity.

Unfortunately, when he returns from his dates, he eliminates Brittany first because he episode that her job as an actress would put a strain on him.

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Then his current girlfriend is the next to go as Anthony decides he likes Hanna Beth's spontaneity episode than her pestering and disrespecting him and his parents.