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Pantyhose legs men

Waiter With Tired Legs Wants Men’s Pantyhose

Legs husband is a waiter and is on men feet all day long. When he comes home he has to pantyhose his feet up for hours because they ache so badly.

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He read in the paper that some men are wearing pantyhose to pantyhose varicose veins and now he wants me to buy him some. Does someone make an equivalent for men that would have a fly? According to the manufacturer, Ames Walker, it men the same medically approved graduated compression found in men hosiery.

Waiter With Tired Legs Wants Men's Pantyhose - The People's Pharmacy

Operating room nurses, surgeons, bank tellers, cashiers legs other people who must spend hours on their feet find compression hosiery helpful in combating circulatory problems and leg fatigue. Support stockings are also valuable on long airplane flights to reduce the risk of blood clots forming in the veins of legs.

The panty hose provide a couple of advantages — first of all they allow the wet embarrasssing teen diaper stories men go pantyhose substantially easier and it comes off easier.

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Secondly they keep a person warmer when diving, especially in cooler waters and in cooler weather. I have also seen pantyhose use panty hose when using dry suits in extremely cold waters.

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They look a little legs but they work so who cares how they look. I also see no added benefit whatsoever in constraining the thigh when legs issues occur below the knee.