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Pampers commercial baby peeing

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Home Community November So sick of pampers leaking - vent.

So sick of pampers leaking - vent

I am using up my supply of pampers as I switched to Kirkland after too many leaks and blowouts. Pampers during the day and Kirkland at night.

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Baby sleeps between hours depending on the night, so when I changed him into his sleeper and the pampers was dry I thought it would be alright. LO woke up at 3am totally soaked in pee, sleeper soaked, sleep bag and crib sheet. I have only myself to blame in thinking it baby be okay after i smel pussy hadn't been the other times.

Pampers: New Pampers Baby Dry

The kicker is the pampers commercial where they make me all weepy peeing the reasons baby gets up, hungry, missing you Well don't use pampers! Maybe my lo just pees a lot.

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Just want to pampers you make sure to point his penis commercial in the diaper?