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Painted boob s mickey mouse

Yes, they are topless mouse and yes, they have painted their bosoms to look like bulging frog eyes.

Painted Boob S Mickey Mouse

Googly-eyed boobie frogs with frisky tongues and unbuttoned jeans! Like these chicks who are celebrating Mardi Gras — let the good times roll and the tits swing! But what the hell is going on here? Is she actually AT Disneyland?

Mickey Mouse Hands on BREASTS Holding Boobs T-shirt

I see painted family portrait, which indicates that Mom and Boob not only approve of her behavior, but Mom joins in the boobie-baring fun!

Of course, I shudder to think what a full-length photo might reveal that Dad has decorated mickey below — perhaps a Penile Pluto? Talk about Vincent Van Go-Go!

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This is actually a gorgeous rendition of Starry, Starry Night. The flames just look like heartburn.

Mickey Mouse Hands on BREASTS Holding Boobs T-shirt | eBay

I shoulda gone with the Budweiser Frogs. I imagine her at a party, all bummed out over her lackluster Skull Boobs, when suddenly she notices someone enter.

And not just for special occasions. Look for me at Target and the post office and the bank.

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