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Oxford university students working as escorts

Oxbridge Escorts

It claims to have discovered students working as escorts, strippers and prostitutes to help fund their degrees. The authors should have known that senior college authorities would pounce.

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Suddenly the story hit the national press oxford Britain began to doubt its Oxbridge darlings. In university controversy it is difficult to know who is telling the truth: The website, once known as Oxbridge Escorts, is now at www.

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Launched in April by former Balliol Classicist Nick Dekker, the scheme aims to working intelligent but impoverished students in touch with men willing to pay for their wit.

For Dekker student students was the motivating factor.

NUS: Students turning to prostitution to fund studies

There are currently escorts listed on the site who claim to attend or have attended the University of Oxford. These figures include men looking for dates, but it seems many are just read hot ffm erotic stories around. One third year History student wanted to make his escorts clear: On the whole, men with profiles on the website are there to buy, not to sell.

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The question is, what is really up for sale? We are very firm on this. She admits that what starts with conversation invariably ends up in the bedroom.

Isadora tells us that she enjoys most of her dates and that some of her clients have become good friends.

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