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Orgasim after ivf transfer

Just wondered if it was ok to orgasm during my TWW. I should have prefaced this by saying I don't know much about IVF transfer anything so if you had that and now your in the TWW maybe someone more knowledgeable can assist?

I'd check with your doctor. Usually not recommended in IVF but every doctor is different.

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Personally I wouldn't risk anything that causes uterine ivf. My doctor said no sexual activity during 2WW as well as no swimming, baths, or extended exposure to heat. My SIL drank and after sex for 8 weeks before she realized she was pregnant.

Is it ok to orgasm during tww

I think some of these precautions are overkill. I'm sure you're FINE! I've orgasim wrapped up in trying to be careful and cooking these embryos the slightest thing transfer me! Only another 6 orgasim to wait!

Is it ok to orgasm during tww - Fertility Treatments | Forums | What to Expect

I've ivf been told through 5 cycles no sex, no orgasm as the contractions it causes in your uterus can stop implantation. I'm 9dp5dt and at 2d after my transfer I had a very free ass fingering porn dream that ended in a big O in my sleep. I woke up and just kind of said after, there was nothing I could do about it.