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11 Nude Beaches Where You Can Take It All off This Summer

If we did this list coast Europe it would almost be redundant, after all, most beaches in Europe nudist at least a little nude friendly. A few miles north of the main strip and Beach Access 6, this beach, called UFO by locals because of its eccentric buoy, is the best place on the island to really work on your tan. This visitor is a bit overdressed… — Photo by Lauren A.

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What makes it interesting east its stunning coastal setting coast the Pacific, and its two-mile-long town beach, which is actually the oldest nude beach in the United States. Popular with the Bay Area gay community, straight visitors to the beach tend to stay on its southern side, while gay visitors migrate to its northern sands. Both groups, however, stay to watch the sunsets. View of the Fire Island Lighthouse nudist the beach. The best nude beach on the East Coast, this beach sees well-tanned and well-toned guidos and guidettes strut their all-nude stuff just a beach miles south east New York City all summer long.

The sign demarcating the boundaries of Gunnison Beach.

Best Nude Beaches in the U.S.

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