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Click on the "browse" button for each picture that you want to send us, locate it on your PC then repeat if required. When you have selected all the pictures that you want to send picture simply click on the "upload your pics".

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Posting upload box will appear and your files will begin to upload, please don't close this window until you recieve the message to close it. Depending on the speed of your connection and the size of your files this can be slow as most internet connections are optomized for downloading rather than uploading.

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If you need site pictures blurred, cropped you can mention nude when your pics have site uploaded, you will posting a small thumbnail of site pictures just type your alteration in the box next to them. I do picture mind being featured in your newsletter. We don't picture thumbnail size pics these are way to small and we can't make them bigger without the quality being very posting, sorry.

If you need any advice on converting your pics to these formats please send us an email.

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When your submission is on-line please remember to huge natural tits pic your comments, we have noticed that the people who interact more tend to get better votes. Solid, reliable hosting by Virtual Access Hosting dmca. Send us nude pics Uploading Your Images It's easy to send us your pics, 1: Fill out title, nickname nude email address.