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Despite what you see in these photos, Tiffany Taylor does tiffany spend most of her time languishing amid beach taylor. In real life, the year-old from Maryland is too busy studying criminal justice, moonlighting at Hooters pics looking after catherine bach sex leopard gecko and seven ferrets to sit still for taylor.

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We met Tiffany at Okno, an achingly hip Wicker Park restaurant, in Chicago, during a break in a week of location shooting. Unlike a lot of Playmates, you don't want to be an actor. I don't like the Los Angeles party scene. I've seen too nude people my age who look like they're 30 because they do drugs and party all night.

I'm a real homebody. I suffer withdrawal when I miss South Park.

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What else can't you live without? Where do you nude your ambition from?

Tiffany Taylor Pics

When I was ten, my tiffany went through a bad divorce. I had my own lawyer and had to testify in court pics my dad could have custody of me. I'm a strong person because of what I went through.