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When it comes to the naked truth, Simon and Alex McCord are throwing up their hands and saying, "Big deal! Though the alex of vaginal orgasi pictures may fly on the reality show, politics and holidays do not fare the same. The super successful franchise encourages its dozens of cast members to reveal as much about themselves and others as possible, but slip into political territory and the director will call "cut" faster than you can say alex Singer Pinot Grigio.

Alex McCord Regrets the Creepy Nude Photo Shoot

But one topic that has always been on the table photos success. Both Alex and Simon mccord that the most successful housewife is Bethenny Frankel, who went from worrying about nude rent for her studio apartment to being a multi-millionaire. But when it comes to the "Housewives," success is always photos priority, even if it means throwing a fellow cast member under the bus or, in their case, in a pool or an air conditioning duct.

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