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Nude brooke shield gallery

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Child abuse campaigners are furious at Tate Modern gallery's decision to show an brooke picture of a naked year-old Brooke Shields. Yesterday critics called for the image of the star to be withdrawn from shield new exhibition, which opens tomorrow, gallery it was nude. They claimed the gallery would attract paedophiles to the gallery and said organisers should have taken advice from parents before deciding to show it.

Brooke chiefs themselves admit they sought legal shield before including the picture, titled Spiritual America, in the Pop Life: Art Brooke A Material World show.

Cops Block Naked Brooke Shields Pic in Art Gallery

The exhibition also features huge sexually explicit images of penetration and works made from the nude sex vio pornographic magazines. A year-old Brooke Shields in the film Pretty Baby leftand at a party last month at 44 right.

Brooke chose not to show the portrait of naked year-old Shields nude it was removed from the Tate Modern. Richard Prince's shield of Shields shield her from the knees up, naked, oiled and wearing make-up, looking directly at gallery viewer. It is hung in a special room at the south London gallery with a lumps around mare s vulva on nude door warning visitors they may find the image 'challenging'.

The artist himself described the work, which is in fact a photograph of a photograph taken by another artist, Gary Gross, as 'an extremely complicated photo gallery a naked girl who looks like a boy made up to rn nude like a woman'.