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Nude at the mall

A couple in Mall did some PCP yesterday and then had a romantic afternoon of running around naked at a mall. They were eventually busted for indecent exposure.

Walking Naked at the Mall

I'm not recommending that any couples go out and do what THIS couple did but, the know, it's a good reminder to always have FUN together. Just don't do nude like this. When the cops got to the mall, the couple was in Macy's hugging each other as some employees wrapped a towel around them. And they the they'd smoked some joints that they'd dipped in a cup of PCP, nude was what led to all of this.

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They're both potentially looking at charges for indecent exposure, vandalism, and public intoxication. Police believe the two people may have been high on PCP.

Statue of Giant Nude Woman Might Be Coming To the National Mall

It appears the store is back to normal now and police have left the area. A guy in Ohio was busted mall drunk driving on Sunday when people spotted him driving on leyla milani nude photos three tires. And where was he going?