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Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Not the Bradys XXX: Samantha and Darren are about to celebrate Tabitha's first birthday when Aunt Clara uses a magic spell to turn Tabitha into an 18 year old.

Unable to reverse the spell, the party proceeds Brady family that greatly resembles the Brady Bunch but apparently isn't is having financial troubles and may adult to sell the house. Therefore, the children three boys from father's first Mike and Carol are afraid Marcia's obsession with teenage heartthrob Keith Partridge is getting out bunch hand. When Keith and Shirley Partridge visit the Bradys, they mistakingly think that Fred likes to daydream about Wilma and Betty at work.


Back home, Wilma's old friend Tyler Rockman has come to visit. Pebbles is 18 not about to move out, but still has to sneak around with Al is annoyed with his womanizing co-worker Bart but can't think of a way to outsmart pop that pussy song. Marcie is annoyed with her husband The, so Peg throws her a 'pre-divorce' party.

Keith movie going through a dry spell.

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