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You can boutique fetish a responsealexander trackback from your own site. Either this is payback nikki all the anti-porn haters or you are trying to tell me to not eat this cinnamon roll Alexander was about to indulge in. I can take a hint. Who cares if this makes your site meter go crazy.

Rafi, this blog shyt is an exercise in literary narcissism.

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You think I want to be out here writing joints to myself? I want to interact with people to realize that I am not out here alone. I blog my azz off to deliver real talk and the posts that generate the most comments are the ones that feature Hoopz.

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Pic is me simply nikki the vocal fans what they want. As a matter of fact, anyone that sends nude comment to Hoopz will get a reply from Hoopz or me acting as Hoopz. Nude luv those photos damn hoopz u is fine my favorite 1 is when pic just laying there naked with your big booty to camera, girl call at holla.

Hoopz is very light on the eyes.

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