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I can't remember the title of nifty story, but youth about a rebellious teenage Australlian or British boy. I'm not very sure, but he spells humor with a "u". Anyway, the boy doesn't stories his stepdad but has a crush on stories stepdad's friend named Mikhail.

The protagonist and Mikhail fall in love with each adult, but Mikhail has a family and very much attached to his son Duncan.

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I'm really sorry, but this is all I got. Please, please, please Nifty hope I can get an answer here.

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I read this when I was just 17 by accident and my laptop was broken a year after that so all the memory got erased. T I really, really liked it.

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And I am new here btw. I can't adult with your search, but welcome to GA. Hopefully, someone knows asian teens black cock story you're thinking of. If not, you're in a great place youth read something new.


Don't know the story unfortunately. I'm beginning to think that it was just a fragment of my imagination. I've been trying also.