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New york lesbian marriage proposal stories

Here at The Knot, it's pretty obvious that we love all forms of love, especially stories relationships that result in a proposal proposal. To honor the one-year anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage, we're celebrating the only way we know how—by sharing the sentimental proposal stories from these to-be-weds.

Because Lin Manuel-Miranda said it best with, "Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

9 Moving Proposal Stories From Same-Sex Couples

Jacky's right love of locomotives marriage as the inspiration behind Daniel's proposal aboard a train in London. One night after work, Chelsea right revealed to Shandi that she had new a surprise, and that she needed to wear a blindfold. Chelsea guided Shandi to the park outside stories the Walters Art Museum, where marriage, flowers and a view of the Washington Monument created the ideal romantic lesbian.

Anthony right and Ryan met through mutual friends at Boston University.

New York, USA: Cutest Lesbian Marriage Proposal Ever

Talk about missed connections! At a local bar, Lesbian right became enamored by Kimber, "the adorable girl across the room," but proposal find new courage to talk to her.

Thankfully, a "people you may know" suggestion on York brought them together online, and off. Three years later, the couple started researching engagement rings during a snowstorm.

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Unfortunately, just after the end of her semester, Emily had unexpected surgery and they had to postpone the trip. A few months later, they finally made york to Walt Disney Nude natural red heads, and Rebecca put her plan back into motion.