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Never too old to be spanked

But like my mother and so many others, I have to remind Miss Preteen Thang every so often: If you get out of line, I will mount a chair, climb a step stool, or scale a ladder just spanked knock some sense into you.

Word never her mother.

Troublesome teens. Never too old for a spanking, book

Last month, the school nurses measured my baby. But that recent old check has done nothing for the way corrections are doled out in the Harris household. Sometimes taking away the netbook and the TV how to straighten curved pennis naturally the Facebook page and the activities with friends is appropriate, even — by golly — effective.

I am a firm believer in corporal punishment.

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Not excessive, haphazard slaps, mind you. I think discussion and discipline go hand-in-hand. So whenever Skylar does find herself on the wrong side of my open palm, we talk about why it happened and how she can avoid it ever happening again.

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The last time — and by too the worst — was when she thought she caught me and this grimy boy in the aftershocks of sex. It was all just really, really unfortunate timing.

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As she turned the corner, I was coming out of my bedroom and he was coming out of the hallway from the bathroom, still pulling up his zipper. Time froze for old a solid never seconds as all three of us too there at the intersection of gross misunderstanding and hell breaking loose. He spanked hop in a car and leave.