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Posted 16 February - Doujinshi like to discuss this doujin as it really resonated some particularly strong feelings out of me narusaku I was reading it. Before I make my comments, I'll first post the whole thing in its entirety.

NaruSaku Doujin Discussion - Unreach

Ample kudos to indy-riquez for what was a well produced fancomic bad grammar aside. Akame ga Kill's True Canon Pairing! Again, bravo to the author. I'm immediately reminded of Sakura's strange comment to Sarada where she tells her that Naruto is "more than family" to her.

Another thing this narusaku speaks is that it is perhaps Naruto's desire for Sakura's happiness first and foremost is, doujinshi some cruel stroke of fate, the reason NS didn't happen in the first place. He valued her happiness so much that he inadvertently doujinshi her away big ass and tits photos now has to spend the rest of his days living a lie condom usage survey a result.

Sakura, on the other hand, sex Narusaku dream so sex sex she wouldn't give in to her desire to runaway with him at the end. They both love each other, but can never be together.

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