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Naomi campbell on sex

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By Louise Campbell for Sex. I always try to treat people with respect,' said Naomi Campbell. Inside a large studio in east London, photographers, assistants, stylists and make-up artists are waiting, and waiting, for Naomi Campbell.

Some are very anxious.

Skepta insists ‘we must respect sex’ as he models his underwear range with topless Naomi Campbell

Others - the more experienced, I presume - are pussy of a woman resigned as time ticks slowly by. This is part of the deal with the notorious Naomi, the model with a record for bad behaviour as long as those endless Modigliani legs.

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Indeed, 'late' is at the bottom of the list, under naomi, fights, drug abuse, alcohol issues and several assault charges, including hurling jewel-encrusted mobile phones at assistants. A clamour of ever-greater demands announces her imminent arrival.

Here, a manicurist has to be procured in minutes. There, an announcement goes out that all glass windows must be blocked out for her privacy.