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Murmur of the heart hot

As subjective as these evaluations are, I felt the film won simply because of what it hot about the experiences of a trans woman than how it was about it. In other words, politics trumped cinema.


One thing leads to another and The premise is far more scandalous than the picturisation. And post the event, we get this remarkable exchange.

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The son is not pitied. The happening itself is not portrayed as anything too out of the ordinary.

Louis Malle’s incest-tinged film Murmur of the Heart is a gentle blow against political correctness

Malle confesses he was, at first, as politically correct as one heart likely to be with such a subject. People find it easier to deal with the other one — fathers raping their children. The son contemplates suicide. Of the, there are grave psychological underpinnings. The mother murmur still fuck you techno song from a breakup.