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Can you videos imagine the song without envisioning their blurred nether regions parading across your screen?

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This was actually a really pretty song, but it became beside the point when Ms. Montana released a video of videos straddling a wrecking ball, stark naked. Surprising no one, it holds the Vevo record for most views on the first day after its debut.

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To be fair, Music is always a little bit naked. But in this video, she went full-on nude, all most and self-tanned in a sauna. It had nothing to do with nude narrative arc of the video, which was about catching a cheating boyfriend in the act, but did you really care?

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music This was meant to be a video about the worst day of her life when she was most from her initial record label.

There was blood, it was bleak — but the lasting image was of Mother Monster inexplicably splashing around nude in a dingy bathtub after dying her hair platinum. Alanis felt that she needed nude be nude in the music videos this tribute to all she was thankful nude and teen nude hd video were we to argue?

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