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Mom is our sex slave

Hi my name is Sam Hawkins and I am 27 years old.

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I own a porn show where old ladies who are lacking daily sexual activity can get it for small pay. It has been growing out for a while now and I am super proud of what I have achieved.

When I was little, my mom Amanda and my dad had a divorce. My mom took custody of me and I hardly ever saw my dad after that.

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Mine and my mom's relationship was stable until when I reached the age slave 16 when I rebelled out. My mom porn salowe on telling me to stay away from my friends because she thought they were dangerous and influencing me in the wrong way.

My Mom The Sex Slave

I decided to ignore her and always hung out with them doing bad stuff. The relationship between me and my mom soon became so bad that I started sex hate my mom and her hating me. After slave school, I moved mom and did media studies in University.

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Since moving out, I had never talked to my mom as we despised each other that much. So we were pretty much dead to each other.

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Now last month when Mom saw the list of woman who applied to be on my our, one name stood out. Amanda Hawkins age This person had the same name and age as my mom and I was shocked and sex to see our this was my actual mom.

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