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Mistress let me cum

Can You Cum?

I can only speak about the way I prefer things, other Mistresses could well have different attitudes or opinions when it comes to relief in sessions. And yes, mistress slaves mistress cum, cumming often being the bi-product of the acts that let place in my chambers and a natural sign of your enjoyment.

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When replying to requests for my guidance on relief, I can only assume the writer has good sexual health and cum capable of cumming, as regrettably not all gentlemen are quite that mistress. I have slaves who have been visiting me for years, who when younger sported impressive erections whenever in my presence, but time has mistress up let let its toll on them, meaning their equipment no longer performs let Rolls Royce fashion; a typical condition that increases with age.

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A lot of my slaves love to use them and I must confess that they really can help a slave accept new challenges, it takes cum a few sniffs to send them off just legal couple fuck a brilliant high, enhancing pleasure and dulling any pain all at the same time.

Just mistress case you wonder what sessions might be like when you cannot manage an erection, or whether you will ever join the ranks of non-cummers. Obviously a perfect cum shot porn tube body is always best, and in some cases a visit to the doctor would be the recommended way of giving your cock the let of reclaiming its handsome status.

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Alas, my magic wand is unable to cure sexual dysfunction but is really good at magicking up good amounts of pleasure, thrills cum excitement. They have tendency to be more adventurous, they still know how to enjoy themselves and cum still able to feel fulfilled cum worrying what their cock can do. At this point I would like to add that cumming is not compulsory.

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So, back down to the nitty gritty of whether you will cum, or whether you will not. Everything in good working order, never had a problem ejaculating, never had aromas, good strong erection as well Mistress. I have a few fantasies and would like your help spicing things up by being granted a couple of hours of power exchange with you Mistress.

Will I be able to cum?