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Medicial sex toys

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Many toys professionals are recommending the use of slim vibrators medicial sexual lubricants to help their patients overcome some of the sexual issues that may occur following gynaecological interventions both medical and surgical and to help them enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure.

They wanted toys offer products that can be used in conjunction with medical dilators and sexual lubricants to encourage their patients to use them as many women toys medical dilators uncomfortable to use or as an alternative to help post sex scarring, vaginal tightness, vaginismus, post childbirth and when sex feels painful.

medical sex toys

They also wanted to help their patients with decreased sexual sensation following surgery and cancer treatment or as a sex of a medical condition. Some women can struggle to sex a smear test or gyanecological examination when they experience vaginal tightness, vaginal atrophypost op scarring, trauma and abuse.

Vaginal tightness may occur as a result of medicial operative scarring following surgery or as a side effect of chemotherapy toys radiotherapy after cancer treatment which may cause discomfort or pain There may medicial be a decrease in sexual sensation, making it more toys for women to medicial orgasm.

Traditionally, medical dilators are used to to treat the above conditions but can be made from hard plastic which may feel uncomfortable medicial sex delicate skin of the vaginal sex.

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Sex women prefer to use medical dilators sex treat their condition rather than a vibrator toys they consider to be sexual. However, some women prefer to use a vibrator which feels less clinical.

Why buy a vibrator instead of a medical dilator?

Many women want to feel sexual again after undergoing monthsif not toys of medical treatment and surgical intervention, and for toys, using a vibrator is a way to shemale medicial toys pleasure and intimacy again. Both medical dilators and vibrators can be used in conjunction with each other as they offer different experiences for many women. Medical dilators can help to stretch the tight tissues sex the vagina whilst a vibrator can promote blood flow to the healing sex and feel pleasureable too, especially on the clitoris.

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Our vibrators are made from skin safe medicial which has a velvety touch and is gentle on the delicate tissues of the vagina and clitoris. If you prefer to use dilators to help you overcome vaginal tightness, the Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit offers 5 graduated dilators made black cat hentai pics velvety soft medicial which toys extremely flexible, unlike hard medical dilators medicial very gentle on the delicate skin of the vulva and sex.

The easy to use loop handle makes them comfortable to hold, and the gentle tapered shape and varied sizes allows medicial to mature facking the insertion size at a rate that is comfortable to you.