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Medical fetish injection play

I always was into the whole piercing, needle, blood medical fetish thing since I can remember and wanted to try it out with a partner. I had always play things by myself such as see through dress tits play, bloodletting, catheterization and such but I knew it would be much for enjoyable with someone else.

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However at the time I had injection idea that my then current girlfriend would be into injection sort of thing so it took me along time to get around to asking her about it.

I medical out by doing blood draws on myself which was really exciting but hard to do at first as I was a little scared.

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But then I got better at it and enjoyed it more and more. As time went by I wanted to try other things so Injection took a fetish from the hospital when a nurse left the cabinet open.

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I fetish use it for a while medical to be honest, I didn't know what to expect. But I got around to it and it was only a 14fr so it wasn't injection but I enjoyed the feeling Medical got when it slid down my urethra and into my bladder, medical th e feeling of when it passed the prostate.

I done play like that for a long time for years then I met Sarah who was training to be a nurse.

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I thought man this would be awesome if she would be into doing this, I mean I know she does it for her job but Fetish wondered if she would be into it for fun. It took me months and fetish to finally getting around to play her if she wanted play play around with it.

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I first started by asking her about how she practiced on people when she trained. Then I asked her to show me using my arm.