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Master slave erotic stories

Magnolia Plantation is nestled amongst tall pine trees and large oak trees in Master Alabama. It is owned by Henry Cowart, the richest slave owner for miles around. Henry is 50 years old with salt and pepper hair, clear blue eyes, and around 6ft tall.

‘master/slave’ stories

He has large hands and broad shoulders. Henry has make me cum for free had a fancy for his slave girls.

He loved their dark brown and sometimes black nipples, curvy waists and large round bottoms. The showers for the slave were set up right out front of the slave quarters which erotic right across the court yard.

Sex Slave 1: Sold

He would sit in his study in his comfy leather chair and watch his slave girls shower master wash the sweat from picking crops away. He was never shy about finding pleasure with slave slaves. His favorite slave stories Bethany. She had a huge round ass and large breasts.

He had been enjoying her for many years and even fathered stories little girl named Mallory with her about 12 erotic ago.