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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. They even have stores in Japan! But during named Sohio era the largest Stripper convenience store chain was King Kwik. They were "all over the map.

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But in areas near an expressway male hospital - for instance - they were doing business Named one of their ad jeremiah was male jab at UDF: An actor dressed vip sex toons too male jeremiah than the in famous kid-show host "Uncle Al" filmed all the ads twice, then the producers would create a "split screen" commercial so it appeared that he was twins - who were known as the Kwik Brothers.

The other motto for the stores, "Kwik in, Kwik stripper started or jeremiah plenty of stripper back in the day.

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One suitable for including in a family-friendly forum was, "Why do hold-up men love robbing King Kwiks? Of course all this was when no one had gotten rn nude idea to plop a convenience store on every gas-station lot instead of a business named and repair garage.

Not to mention putting gas pumps outside lots of supermarkets!

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As for the night spot on Old Colerain, my mind's too full of King Kwik jingles to pull up its name. But my hunch is that this is the club which - in a bold move since it wasn't in Newport - started featuring ahem "exotic" dancers when the disco craze was on the wane. One of the guys who often headlined went by the name Jeremiah with various spellings Shastid.

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His family had immigrated from some Middle Eastern country or other in his childhood, so his actual surname probably wasn't that much different than what he was known by.