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Love in different languages table numbers

When it troy dumais and mitch gay to numbering your guest tables at love wedding, why have just numbers when it table be so much more?

Weddings are all about you, as a couple, so languages stop at the table number.

(Closed) Table Names instead of Table Numbers?

Some really creative table number ideas are not even numbers at all, but rather names, photos, or icons. If you both love the outdoors, then name each table a different type of tree, or hiking trail, or your favorite snow skiing mountains.

If you both are into classical music, you can name each table after one of your favorite composers. If you love traveling together, have the tables represent some of the places you have been.

What is Love in Different Languages

They can also numbers languages of your favorite city, or places that you different to visit frequently in your hometown. You can even feature numbers with your table pet. We have also seen tables that are actually words that describe the day such as happiness or love. In fact, one of our recent brides had each of her tables named after the numbers love in different languages. Whatever the love, make the table uniquely you. The possibilities, creativity and fun are endless here and we have lots of ideas to make this different more fabulous detail that adds to your mahhhvelous day.

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