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How a sexist GamerGate-related tweet proves that the problem isn't gamers. Published September 29, pics By Liana Kerzner liana. It's not good nude a journalist when they become the story. Sadly, in my attempts to report on GamerGateI have become liana of the story. The online harassment I've received has been some of the worst I've ever experienced, and as I write this, 8chan is tearing into my life, posting false information about me and my husband online.

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Some of what they're posting is based on misinformation from a disgruntled former employee and is, unsurprisingly, nude false. Pics don't care about the crap people say about me. But I never signed my family up for the abuse, so consider this my exit piece on this topic. There are a lot of good people participating in GamerGate, but there's also a lot of bad behaviour on both sides too.

GamerGate has mimicked the cycle of the French Revolution, complete with the heads rolling and the rise of a Napoleonic Emperor.

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In GamerGate, that Emperor's name is Nero Milo Yiannopoulos in real lifeand one Twitter dick gregory bahamian diet nutrition drink with him was the beginning of the end for me. One does not survive long in a mob when one says the Emperor has no clothes.

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Milo Yiannopoulos is an Associate Editor at Breitbarta conservative "news and opinion" website that leans toward lurid unproven conspiracy theories involving leftists.