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When we made a list of the hottest female athletes earlier this year, we realized there was something missing.

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Sure they might not have bared laura so much skin, but there were tons of foxes playing sports back in the old days when the Olympics were still the highlight nude an entire year. We stopped at 50, but could have easily gone toand we were faced with tons of tough choices.

The 50 Hottest Female Athletes Of All Time

Ultimately physical attractiveness was the number one requirement for inclusion, but we also tried to look at career success and historical import a little bit as well. Laura at PopCrunch hope you enjoy the list. Laure Baugh is a French Nude swimmer who is a three time medalist. Manaudou has baugh through a bit of scandal after some nude pictures appeared online.

Kabayeva is a rythmic gymnast who is world renowned for her incredible flexibility.

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I imagine the flexibility comes in handy. Um, for the gymnastics. Lisa Anderson is a world champion surfer who has the hot stereotypical surfer look going on, including baugh sun bleached blonde hair. Missy Nude is apparently a world class surfer, although info on her is laura scarce online.