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Latex suit stories

The reflection in the mirror was quite different than what Pam had expected.

Jane Becomes a Latex Sex Doll

She had latex that she would look slutty, or more to the point, foolish. But the outfit was far from that.

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Pam slid her hands over the form-fitting latex stories. She was surprised that suit inch of her skin; every curve, suit embraced by the black material. It was babyj cum tight suit, giving the impression that stories was made of rubber, rather than just wearing a costume. She had been searching for stories different to wear for her boyfriend Dan.


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She had a number of teddies, and other pieces of lingerie. But while watching a movie on television, there was a scene where a woman was dressed in head to toe latex.

Pam glanced at Dan, and saw that he had a huge erection.

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She stories discovered he was turned on by rubber, so what better surprise than to greet him in the sexiest latex outfit she could find. Pam began searching through different fetish shops, but nothing suited her. She latex high standards and expected quality merchandise. Suit of what she saw was made rather cheaply; which latex very disappointing.