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Translated by Helen Hardy — 2 years ago. La Manga beach is situated on the Murcian coast, and is one of my favourite beaches, big tits ass fucking only in Murcia but in the whole of Spain. The south of the beach belongs to Cartagena, and the north to San Javier, two different municipalities in the Region of Murcia.

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For those who aren't Murcians, if you're in Murcia I really recommend you visit this area, whether you're on your Erasmus exchange or not, since it's an unmissable place. La Manga is a relatively thin beaches of land, long enough to have a main road and houses on either side of it. In the last census, La Manga had some 17, inhabitants, though its population swells toduring the summer months.

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Imagine the difference between winter and summertime for masters cum whore residents who live there beaches year round Until a gay decades ago, La Manga was a natural area, with virgin beaches and devoid of all buildings.

The gay progressed from beaches 15 buildings in to having more than 4, in The change was huge and quite sudden, and every time we visit my parents still tell me even now how when they were young manga used to go to La Manga there were no houses there at all, how cheap gay was to buy a new house there when the boom started and how they regret not having done beaches manga the time.

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Today, La Manga is completely urbanizedand there remain only a few remnants of its former appearance - above all its start and end. La Manga is the only beach in Spain which has a different sea on gay side of it: Many years ago, the Mar Menor used to be bay opening onto the Mediterranean Sea manga the strip of land which is La Manga was formed, and turned the Mar Menor into a closed-off lake.

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The Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea meet at the channels manga La Manga, which are canals which cross La Manga horizontally and exchange water between the two seas. There are various natural channels, and one artificial one.