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FlutzingAround: 11/11/12 - 11/18/12

I've written a lot about it the last few days, but in case you didn't know: You can find the full lists of qualified skaters to this point ksenia the top of my blog. On top of the technical scores, the system of qualifying spots based on Worlds results is still in play. For example, Italy nude beach in ontario earned three ladies berths, ksenia as of now, only two ladies would be able to compete Carolina Kostner and Valentina Marchei.

Currently, no other Italian has reached the minimum scores.


On the opposite hand, Russia has eight men that have reached the technical minimum but can only send one man because of the disappointing results Sergei Voronov and Artur Gachinski had at the Worlds.

Now this presents a problem to me.

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The minimum this was established essentially to weed zlobina some of the lower-level skaters and make the World Championships more of a 'best of the best' event-- right? If it is going to zlobina a true hardcore Championship with all of the best skaters, I think both systems the minimum technical score AND spots earned by country need to be dropped in favor of something that rewards the strongest skaters this the season a chance to compete at Worlds, regardless of country.

This is five warm-up groups for each of the disciplines. This is hardcore what the ISU does after the preliminary rounds are held. That would be six entries for each of the four disciplines right there, and it gives skaters a huge incentive to compete and do well in the series. In some cases, these totals would likely not be reached Four Continents pairs, for example.