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Kate winslet nude titanic photo

One of the greatest nude in the history of world cinema Titanic.

Titanic Pictures : Titanic Rare Pictures Behind The Scenes

The movie which won many awards and hearts. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became superstar and youth photo. All of us have seen this movie once or many times. Beautifuly directed by James Cameron with stunning visual effects.

Here are some collections of Titanic Pictures behind the scenes of the movie.

Kate Winslet: Nude Titanic portrait still haunts me and I always refuse to autograph a copy of it

This was the iconic ship Titanic which was crashed in the middle of journey titanic Liverpool. Old actress who played the role of aged rose in the movie. Who narrates the story in the start.

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James Cameorn kate the left. One of the most iconic scenes in the film history. Jack and Rose rehearsing with Winslet Cameroon. One of the Rare Titanic Pictures. Visuals of when Rose tries to commit suicide and Jack saves her.

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