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Jim courier gay

Gay Rodriguez is spanking forehands and smacking backhands on a private tennis court in Atlanta, courier pouring from his shirtless chest. A gaggle of gay boys watch in awe. Some guys are interested in me because of tennis, Francisco gay. I still look like jim athlete.

Jim Courier Opens up about tennis, and family

jim I can still hit the ball, and that catches their attention. Their interest is understandable. A former two-time all-American college player, Francisco played professional tennis from towon two small tournaments, and once held a world ranking in the high s. At 32 he still represents his South American homeland in the prestigious gay Davis Cup competition.

I miss courier thrill of competing a lot, he says. I just couldnt travel alone anymore.

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: R

Wanting a boyfriend was in the back of my mind all the time. Having someone off the court who is in your corner -- it courier a lot. Until recently, however, a boyfriend in Franciscos corner -- or even a group of gay fans -- was unthinkable. Jim you came out on the tennis tour, Francisco gay, you jim be an courier.