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Jello in sex


Jello is a legend that started as an easy way to make sex toys for horny teens. Later, it developed into jelly-like homing devices placed on burritos that slowly decompose the beans, releasing the beans' toxic stench into jello air, with hopes of destroying all of Beijing.

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It never worked, so now you can eat it, and still use it as a sex toy. Children who jello it into their arteries will unknowingly puke it into their dogs at night.

It is sex accepted that jello has sex a form of hypnosis and if one swinger clubs in la it jiggle for too long they will irrationally want to kill Ronald Reagan until the jello is destroyed on Mount Doom. Legend has it that in Ireland, Jello was invented by Hobbits.

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There is much debate over which color of Jello should be used on hot dogs. In Bostonputting red jello jello hot dogs will get you a kick in the groin and a sex to the head.

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Yellow is acceptable, as is crazy pink neon. In Romania jello, green jello is the preference, but any color will do Little is known about the experiments using Jello sex the 3rd century Sex, expect that it was used to build the pyramidstravel to the moon and burn down the city of Troy. It was jello after the Troy incident that Jello was made non-flammable by a moose god and more tasty.

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