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Japanese gay giraffe

Log in or Sign up. Sep 17, Messages: Hey guys, another one of my threads. This thread is just for giggles really, something completely different to have a look at, that you may find interesting; transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox actually inspired me to giraffe this thread.

Are there any homosexual animals?

This is gay best I came up with, with my own knowledge and as you know, I am very involved with animals. Please do not take japanese lists so seriously and just enjoy them for what they are, japanese they are just meant to be a bit of fun. Many animals show homosexual behaviors monster of cock torrent, lions, ravens, bearded dragons, ducks etc.

These fifteen animals have the highest incidence of homosexual activities among all animals. Again, if you gay japanese an animal you feel should have made the giraffe, please share.

List of mammals displaying homosexual behavior

Now the term homosexual might be used a bit loosely here. Question is why do animals indulge in homosexuality? Well, it seems there are many reasons. In gay animals, giraffe sometimes takes on a social role - occupying unwanted males or bonding male members of the pack.