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Is reggie love gay

The contents of this post may be upsetting to some of you unrepentant Obama apologists. You may want to sit this one out and wait for the next post which will be up shortly. Reggie the time, the WH press pool that follows Obama everywhere speculated quietly that the president and Mr.

The return of Obama's 'body man'

Love had broken up. Love performing a homosexual act on another male. It was important for Reggie Love to tender his resignation if Mr. Obama had any hopes of being reelected.

Now, fast forward to this love week, gay word leaked that the Obamas were taking separate vacations.

Scott Lively, 'Kill The Gays' Bill Supporter, Pushes Claim Obama Is Gay, Dating Reggie Love

As soon as the White House confirmed the reports, the devoted members of the Church of Obama dropped to their knees in fervent defense of their Savior. So why was it different this time? Well, this time Mr.