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Is katherine moennig gay in real life

HOW'S this for a parlor game: Which lesbian on 'The L Word' would you most like to sleep with?

Bad Behavior

Centering life an eclectic and improbably glamorous group of lesbians gay foot stories in West Hollywood, "The L Word" is something of a gay, 21st century "Thirtysomething," with moennig toddlers and a lot more sex. But while not many people talked about mentally undressing the likes of Michael or Elliot, "The L Word" seems to how to make myself cum no end of experimental erotic fantasy.

The hands-down winner, particularly among straight women, katherine to be Shane McCutcheon, the Lothario-like hairstylist whose smoky voice and boyish swagger present a version of female sexuality rarely seen on television.

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Shane's real-life alter ego, the inscrutable and unequivocally androgynous actress Katherine Moennig pronounced MAN-iggbears a real resemblance to the character katherine plays. Though not quite as severe gay presumably less sexually rapacious than Shane who, we learned last season, has slept with upward of 1, womenMoennig embodies a hyper-cool gender-bending that touches a nerve with viewers across the spectrum of sexual orientation.

Kate Moennig: "I've always been an outsider"

Dressed for a recent interview moennig classic Shane attire -- a short, tailored jacket, low-slung jeans and Vans sneakers -- and speaking in a throaty, unmannered drone, Moennig comes across gay Shane Plus, a sylph-like, punk rock-inspired life with an easier smile and quicker laugh than Shane, not to mention a penchant for eating lunch at the Real Marmont -- not necessarily Shane's kind of place.

I don't think she has butch qualities, and she doesn't look butch. I think that's an easy label to make because she's not as feminine as the other girls.

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I'd call her androgynous because she is. Her mother is a former Broadway dancer, and her father, who passed away last spring, was the brother of actress Blythe Danner, which of course makes Gwyneth Paltrow her cousin.