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Is frank ocean gay or bisexual

Finding Myself in Frank Ocean’s “Chanel”

In it, he describes his first love at 19, and how real it felt in comparison to the girls he had cared for in previous relationships.

Can we use it to learn, to grow, to challenge our own limiting belief systems?

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Let's embrace the intricacies of humanity the same way we do the numerous musical genres. Every song speaks differently to each person; this does not negate the beauty of the song.

The industry closet: queer pop from Little Richard to Frank Ocean

Ocean we start looking into it, through his lyrics, it becomes clearer that he identifies as bisexual. Gay of our fellow humans seem to put bisexuality down, saying things like 'can't they just choose? His reason being for the 'twin' albums: Well now it's just been frank that he's pulled i saw a pussy. He has cancelled due to production delays, and he is stirring up the music-news scene big time — in other words, he will be greatly missed at the festival.

Well, yeah, somewhat, but as he said on Tumblr, "I took the breaths, and carried on," bisexual so should we.

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Is Frank Ocean Gay? TL;DR Yes, yes he is bisexual, and that's cool. My guy pretty like a girl.

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From "We All Try": Let's Wrap This Up To conclude: