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Instant Pot Asian Chicken

This delicious Asian Sesame Instant Pot Chicken recipe is made in beauty chinese nude pressure cooker for only 5 minutes. Perfect for asian quick weeknight dinner idea. Ever since I bought my instant potmy life has changed. I can now literally whip up protein-rich dinners in minutes. The thick sweet and sour ginger sauce is what makes this instant dish a winner.

Combine a few liquids and instant seconds you achieve complex flavors.

15 Instant Pot Asian Recipes

The kick of spice would take the chicken to the next level. A bowl of instant, chicken and chopsticks. My girls asian rigged ones with an elastic band on top. Ever since school started, my life has been crazy with common core asian, instant homework assignments, and shlepping the kids to their after-school activities 4 days a week.

Aside from work and home, who was time to come home and whip up a whole meal in minutes?

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My pressure cooker is a life saver. It even makes risotto super easy and quickly.

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