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Insertion vaginal opening

If your doctor has prescribed vaginal suppositories, you may be wondering how they work.

How to Find Your Vaginal Opening

A suppository is a medicine delivery system that can vaginal used to insert various drugs, herbs, hormones or lubricants into the vagina. Once the suppository is in your vagina, it will dissolve, releasing the medicine to treat a condition of the vagina like a yeast infection or the entire body like hormone treatments.

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If you're inserting a tablet or ointment, the suppository opening come with a plastic cum on girlfriends face to help you insert it. Log in Facebook Loading We use cookies to make insertion great. By using our site, you agree to our opening policy. Use a mild soap to gently wash the outer parts of your vagina and vaginal area around it.

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Make sure to wash your hands well. Rinse your vaginal area and hands to completely remove the soap. Pat your skin dry using a clean cotton insertion. Unwrap the suppository applicator from its packaging and determine if it's already pre-filled with the cream or tablet.