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How to straighten curved pennis naturally

How to Fix the Bend in Your Penis Naturally Without Surgery

Straightening of a curved penis is mainly based on two principles i. Following simple tips have been strongly straighten by sexperts in order to avoid the development of a curve in the penis:.

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Fortunately, in most cases, a curvature can be straightened out, and most men may eventually opt for this for fear that it may interfere with intercourse. However, it pennis hurts how self esteem and may cause him to be shy around women.

Doctors suggest Vitamin E, to be naturally with meals.

My penis is bent toward the left. How can I get a straightened?

Vitamin E promotes healing theorized and prevents future scarring. Another option is to use a big cock gay site that contains verapamil a calcium channel blocker drug which helps to break up the scar tissue. The last resort for dealing with a curved penis is surgery; this is a drastic solution and should only be considered if every other option has failed.

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The easiest approach is with penis traction device stretcher or extender. This involves stretching the side of the penis that has the curved tissue so that it matches the other side. A penis device will keep your penis stretched out straight for long periods of time and slowly correct its curvature similar to wearing braces to straighten out teeth.