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How to repel dogs from peeing on carpet

It sure is hard to love your pooch sometimes -- especially when he has an dogs in the house.

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No matter what you do he seems to have one favorite corner he uses. Putting something down may keep him away from the area, but he'll need proper potty training, too. Before you put anything over Rocky's indoor toilet, you'll have to clean it thoroughly. Regular household cleaners might make the area smell rosy fresh, but his super sensitive nose can pick up the urine smell hidden deep beneath the rug.

Head to your nearest pet shop and pick up a bottle of enzymatic cleaner.

Smells That Repel Dogs

These special sprays break up the enzymes from pet urine that regular carpet cleaners leave carpet. After the area is like new and doesn't smell like a potty, you'll be able to cover it from something to keep Rocky away.

Once you have the corner of the living room rug all spic and span, protect it by spraying a pet deterrent formula in the how. These sprays -- available at the pet store -- are virtually undetectable to the human nose but have an undesirable scent for your pooch. He won't like the odor and will repel less likely to venture over to his former indoor toilet.

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No matter what, Rocky seems to love sneaking over peeing that one special area to relieve himself.