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How to grow cockscomb indoors

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Celosia Plant: How To Care For The Cockscomb Flower

Celosia makes a very showy, unusual display in borders and as edging. While the brilliant reds are by far the most popular color, Celosia, or Cockscomb, also come in yellow, orange, crimson, rose, and purple indoors. Celosia are wonderful for bouquets, fresh or dried. To dry these flowers, how them upside down in a cool dark, and dry place, for about two months.

How to Grow Celosia | Growing and Planting Guide

Celosia are also called Cockscomb and Woolflowers. Celosia are grown from very fine seeds. They can be directly seeded into your flower garden grow seeded indoors for transplanting later. If planting outdoors, sow Celosia seeds after the soil has begun to warm in the spring.

Celosia Plant: How To Care For Cockscomb Flower

We recommend starting them indoors weeks before the last frost date for your area. Seeds need to stay moist, and require warm soil to germinate. Water thoroughly and keep soil moist.

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Celosia plants like full cockscomb. They need rich soil with lots of compost to produce big, brilliant plumes.