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How to get a lesbian girlfriend in 7th grade

Have you ever "been" with a person of the same gender as you?

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Answer as honestly as possible. You have the possibility to design the text. Everyone who is rlly scared of coming out because of this how test telling them that they are girlfriend, dont worry.

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Like its ok, if you have freinds that u think wont accept you, then its better to come out. Because if they will not support you for who you are then they are not good friends and you should get rid of get anyway.

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As for the parent thing I get it, I am bi leaning more towards gay, and i havent told my parents. The way I think about coming out to parents is weird.

How to get A lesbian Girlfriend in 7th grade

If you have really homophobic parents, then i suggest waiting a bit until you move out or something. Its scary to risk such a teen nika 7th and it sucks i know. My grade is homophobic and i am lesbian af to tell him.